Supporting sports not for any return but as a policy. This outlines Tata’s vision in encouraging and supporting sporting talent. Rather than looking at what’s in it for the group, the Tata’s have focused on what will take Indian sport as well as the individual ahead in realizing his sporting ambitions.

Tata believes that badminton is a sport with bright future prospects to create world champions. The Groups association with badminton is ever burgeoning. The annual Tata Open All India Badminton Tournament has been a success since its first edition in 2008. The tournament provides a forum for the best talent in the country, in the men’s and women’s draw, to showcase their abilities.

The Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy has amalgamated with the Tata Group to form two Tata Padukone Training Centres. The sponsorship has helped in covering essential expenses of the academy, including its lease for the five courts from Karnataka Badminton Association, day-to-day expenses and participation of academy players in international tournaments and camps. The Tata group helps run the PPBA’s two centres in Bangalore and Mumbai and focuses on identifying and developing talent all over the country.

Tata’s commitment to helping India find a place in the sporting sun has spawned support for numerous sportspeople. The group has a rich tradition of contributing to an array of sports such as tennis, archery, billiards, football, hockey, athletics, amongst others. This has helped create academies for different sports, sponsorships of events and support for numerous talented sportspersons. The Tata group has considered every sport worthy of its support as long as the individual excelled in the particular field. No other corporate house in the country has done as much for the promotion of sport in the country.

The group has been a nursery for developing talent in all sporting fields. It was the allegiance to this cause that laid the foundation for the Tata Sports Club three quarters of a century ago. The Club’s endeavours have been focused on spotting and developing potential by providing a platform for deserving sportspersons.

The founders of the Academy, having won numerous international awards in Badminton amongst them, possessed the expertise and technical know-how required to create a world-class Badminton training facility. The Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy imparts top-notch training and coaching to young players who are selected to the Academy on merit, and to whom training and facilities are provided on a scholarship basis.

In its short history, the PPBA has produced multiple National and International level champions and is renowned around the country for producing world-class badminton players